Maija Holma, sarjasta Balladi standardille

Maija Holma, sarjasta Balladi standardille

Materialized out of Finland
Maija Holma, Leena Kangaskoski, Antti Laitinen, Emma Lappalainen, Janne Nabb & Maria Teeri, Jukka Silokunnas, Lassi Ursin

Äkkigalleria 28.
24. –26.7.2014
initial gallery, Vancouver, Kanada

Äkkigalleria on nomadimaisesti toimiva galleria, joka muuttaa tyhjästä tilasta toiseen ja järjestää muutaman päivän näyttelykokonaisuuksia. Tällä kertaa Äkkigalleria on matkannut meren toiselle puolelle ja vienyt mukanaan suomalaisten taiteilijoiden teoksia. Plankkosta mukaan on kutsuttu Maija Holma.

The opening reception will be held on Thursday July 24th 6-8pm at the initial gallery 2339 Granville Street, Vancouver.

For its 5th anniversary, the Finnish nomadic art gallery, Äkkigalleria, is venturing outside of its hometown Jyväskylä to present work by 7 Finnish artists in the exhibition Materialized out of Finland.the Finnish nomadic art gallery, Äkkigalleria, is venturing outside of its hometown Jyväskylä to present work by 7 Finnish artists in the exhibition Materialized out of Finland.

This exhibition shows recent work by artists from all over Finland. The selection of pieces is delicately balanced between the two strong roots of Finnish culture and economy: wilderness and technology.

Much of the work is process based, and involves various degrees of intense labour. Be it the physically demanding work of destroying a boat (Jukka Silokunnas), cutting up a frozen lake (Antti Laitinen) or chipping up a log (Emma Lappalainen). Or the more fine motor skills of wrapping wire around twigs (Leena
Kangaskoski), the meticulously cut paper flowers (Nabb & Teeri) or building self-sufficient kinetic sculptures (Lassi Ursin). All demand a certain determination and sacrifice proudly known as “sisu” in the Finnish language. Even the small hand-printed, silver gelatine prints (Maija Holma) require careful technique.

Each piece has an intimate story as well, reflecting the solitary nature of Finns. The lone, physical and technical involvement in each creation is reflective of the Finnish relationship to nature.

Finland, meet Vancouver.

Vancouver, this is Finland.

For this exhibition, Äkkigalleria will occupy the initial gallery space for four days in between programmed exhibitions. This new collaboration with an established gallery space is an exciting expansion for the Äkkigaleria concept which, up until now, has primarily appropriated vacant commercial spaces.

Äkkigalleria was awarded a grant from the Kone Foundation for the year 2014.

Äkkigalleria is an artist-run, non-profit, nomadic exhibition space that appears spontaneously when appropriate locations become available. Our intention is to provide a rent-free platform for a commixture of artists to show new work. Äkkigalleria was established in 2009, with the intension of mobilizing the visual arts into happenings and events; to offer alternative venues for sharing visual arts; to provide live, cultural and social activities for the residents of Jyväskylä; to support local and emerging artists; to activate vacant spaces; and to instigate exchange between artists and artistic disciplines. We strive to promote creative risk taking, to find new and imaginative ways to bring art to different public spheres by usurping existing spaces.

Äkkigalleria has received financial support from the City of Jyväskylä, the Finnish Cultural Foundation the Central Finnish Arts Council, and the Kone Foundation in the form of project grants. In 2011, the gallery won the Central Finnish Art Award in 2011, and in 2014 the nomadic gallery won the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Central Finnish Fund’s Culture Award.

Äkkigalleria takes over the initial gallery space
2339 Granville Street
Vancouver, Canada